Meet Melody

melody owens painting kates roses black & white drawing

An innovative artist, Melody is a painter with a purpose to create art as a meditative and healing tool. With a passion for portraiture, her specialty is capturing the beauty and power she sees within her subjects and transferring it on canvas. As a visionary, Melody shares her gift by transcribing a dream world into physical reality. Art itself is healing, connecting with creative inspiration led her on the path of becoming an energy healer and yoga teacher.

Melody was fortunate to have apprenticed with a few world renown artists in Utah and California. Growing up in Utah in an extremely artistic family encouraged Melody to pursue her passion of art from a very young age.  She has been teaching and making a living with her art for over a decade. Before moving to California, she opened and successfully operated Liquid Lead Art studio with Bart Webster in Las Vegas teaching photorealism style.
Contributing her talents to multiple charity events a year, Melody is part of the Imadonnari Street Painting Festival in Santa Barbara, benefiting the Creative Children’s Project of Santa Barbara along with a sister event in Puerto Vallarta, benefiting local charity’s associated with the Rotary Club.

“Art can spark in one a glimpse of the infinite bliss and limitless powers of creation available to every one of us. My artwork is a door allowing this movement to stream through” ~Melody Owens

Please feel free to contact Melody for any fine art portraits, prints, custom paintings or freelance design:

Join in on figure drawing wednesday & at Location 1980 gallery! Its a joyful life!

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