Melody Spring

Melody Spring painting kates roses black & white drawing

Every artwork I create in a very specific meditative & intentional process. My work instantiates harmony, beauty and love -incorporating sacred geometry principles, symbols and classical art ideals.
I transcribe dreams and the visionary world I see into physical reality. Art itself is healing.

My artistic technique greatly benefited from the study abroad programs with Beaux-Arts Academy in Rome and Paris and I continue a life long deepening of the classical arts and ancient mystery traditions. I also had the privilege to learn directly from several apprenticeship style learning from renown artists. Creative inspiration furthered along the path to learn and practice energy healing and alternative health modalities. Currently a practioner of the Arts of Jin-Shin-Jytsu, yoga,  dance, Eurythmy connecting with invisible realms through movement and most recently Curative Education.

Art created in Love unites your heart with your eyes. Hold it’s gaze – Melody Spring


Art can spark in one a glimpse of the infinite bliss and limitless powers of creation available to every one of us. My artwork is a door allowing this movement to stream through ~Melody Spring

Please feel free to contact Melody for any fine art portraits, prints, custom paintings or freelance design:

Join in on figure drawing Wednesday & at Location 1980 gallery! Its a joyful life!

>>Click Here to Listen to Melody's Interview with Alternative Health Tools
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