You are Invited to Play in the Magic With Us!
Two Day Life Changing Retreat Style Workshop

Friday August 18th  9:00am to 7:30pm
And Saturday August 19th  8:30am to 7:30pm 

This Is It…Your Ticket to TOTAL FREEDOM!!
(end the fear-based programs and create YOUR LIFE on a foundation of LOVE!)

  • Are you still carrying around the pain and wounds of the past with your mom, dad, ex-partners/lovers and not sure how to set yourself completely free?
  • Are you ready to free yourself from life feeling like you’re on a roller-coaster ride where one moment you’re doing amazing and the next agonizing in frustration?
  • Can you imagine a living a life where you break free from feeling stuck and confused and into freedom, confidence and clarity?
  • Are you longing in your heart to know the True YOU where life feels light, fun and playful…like anything is possible?
  • Are you ready to finally end the automatic programs of fear, sadness and anger and awaken to all of the love and magic in YOUR HEART? 

If you said yes to any of these questions, come join us for this two-day retreat-style workshop August 18th and 19th at Location 1980 in Costa Mesa, California and transform anything in YOUR LIFE…True FREEDOM! You will be given 28 tools plus processes and vibrational shifts that actually work to bring you into the life of your choosing…of YOUR DREAMS!
This two-day retreat-style workshop includes…

  • The Life Transformed Level I class (channeled by Rikka Zimmerman) and a 133-page manual to get you out of the craziness of your mind and into the infinite possibilities and heaven in YOUR HEART!
  • Kundalini yoga and dancing to keep the energy moving and transforming throughout the day!
  • A deep, rich sound healing (bowls/gongs) at the end of the day 1 – ahhhhhh, can you imagine? Creating YOUR NEW LIFE on a foundation of love and anchor it all in with sound!
  • A painting session at the end of day 2 with world-famous artist Melody Owens. You own your transformation by painting it and taking it home with you!
  • And much more than could ever be put into words

“A must for those of us whom want a quick upgrade to living our life in an expanded loving way!! Melissa is an amazing guide to help lead us back to the truth of whom we are! “~ Tanya Kinder-Ring
To register and for more details go to…
– scroll to Life Transformed Level 1…claim your spot now as you don’t want to miss this and it will fill up fast!


About the Teacher… 
Melissa Bradley is a Life Transformation Coach/Spiritual Advisor/Healer, Kundalini Yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner whose passion is to end people’s pain by helping them tap into their True Self…their heart, their joy, their greatest potential and live the life of their dreams!  She is known as the Queen of Magical Possibilities and after experiencing much craziness in her own life today she lives peacefully and playfully on Maui with her Soulmate Love Marc sharing her transformational gifts through her business Love YOUR Magical Life!
About the Hostess… 
Melody Owens is an Innovative Fine Artist and teacher with a purpose to create art as an expression of love and beauty and a healing tool. Seeing the true beauty, love and power that lies within us all, Melody transfers that energy into every artwork. Art itself is healing, connecting with creative inspiration has led her on the path of becoming an energy healer and yoga and art teacher, co-founder of Encompassing The Arts.

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